All The Beautiful Lies

Fab Fiction Friday

Peter Swanson is well known in the thriller/suspense field and his latest book, All the Beautiful Lies, only adds to his credibility as a master story-teller. 


Harry Ackerson has just completed his university studies when he receives a call from his step-mother informing him that his father has died in an apparent suicide. Harry rushes home, not even attending graduation, in grief and disbelief. His step-mother, Alice, appears to be in a state of shock. Harry believes it is his duty to comfort Alice and help sort out the bookstore that his fathered owned. As he is doing so, he sees a young woman who continually appears – at the book store, his father’s funeral, wherever Harry is there she is too. Who is she and what does she have to do with Harry’s father? When the news breaks that Harry’s fathers has been murdered rather than dying from a accident, more questions arise surrounding all those who knew and supposedly loved his father.

While this is told primarily from Harry’s point of view in the present, there are flashbacks to the past from Alice. We learn how she came to marry Harry’s father, her childhood, etc. The more we, as readers, learn about all of the characters, the more we realize there are lies, beautiful lies, but lies never-the-less swirling all around Harry. These lies lead to grave danger for Harry.

I admit that I adore Swanson, especially his writing style. His books never are quite what they seem. You think you are reading Harry’s story, when in fact, this is all about Alice. You think you have the “whodunit” figured out, when it is just the tip of the iceberg. Swanson is clever, toying and, ultimately, masterful in the art of suspense and I loved each and every page of All of the Beautiful Lies.

To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment


Like a true political junkie, I devoured Laurence Tribe’s books when I was at University. God Save This Honorable Court still is one of my favorite go-to books when I am castigating the current Supreme Court. Tribe’s knowledge on the US Constitution is without rival and it is exactly for that reason that I wanted to read this book. No one knows more than Tribe about the US Constitution, the role of the Supremes and the constitutionality of our government.

From the beginning of To End A Presidency, Tribe sets out his agenda: not to convince you of the need for impeachment or to dissuade you from desiring one, but rather to inform you of the constitutionality of an impeachment against the current office holder, the history of past impeachments and why they seldom, ever, are successful.

For those Americans who are calling for impeachment, and I definitely fall into this group, this is very good resource. Tribe explains exactly what would happen, how the framers of the Constitution knew this would happen and made a guideline for it and also cautions on the timing – it is a long arduous process.

The most chilling aspect of the book is the chapter on consequences. Not since the mid-1800s, prior to the US Civil War, has America been so sharply divided. Even then, the sheer hate for our fellow Americans was not as pronounced as it is now, nor was it daily exacerbated by the media. Should there be an impeachment of a president about whom the nation feels so strongly, there will be upheaval. Tribe cautions that, unlike in the past, this is a decision that should not be made lightly nor should Americans think that their troubles will be over once the current president is impeached. Given the current heightened emotional state of Americans, there will be riots and, quite possibly, another civil war/revolution. That is not to say that impeachment should not happen. America currently is nose-diving, hurling itself, toward Fascism and the loss of our Democratic-Republic form of government. Tribe earnestly suggests that Americans take long hard look at both sides: Fascism vs Revolution/War within our own borders. As for me, I know which side I’m on. Fascism is not an option – it never has been. It never will be – no matter what the cost.

Tribe is an excellent writer who does so in much the same way that he lectures. He is easy to understand and very engaging. I highly encourage ALL Americans to read To End a Presidency, be informed, know and understand what is at stake and, above all, to stop sticking your head in the sand, refusing to see what is happening in this country – on both sides.