Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Would Want at Friendsgiving

This is the first time I’ve actually participated on this thread posted on Goodreads primarily because I didn’t know it existed. I think there are a lot of things at Goodreads of which I’m unaware. 😦  However, since my family firmly believes that I have a difficult time separating my favorite book characters from real life people, I found this to be the perfect time to join in. You can find the original thread here: TOP 5 Wednesday

#5 – 51W-HzcFZZL

Minny from The Help. Of all of the characters in the book and movie, I most identified with is Minny. She’s strong, funny, has a marvelous temper and knows how to settle scores when needed. Most importantly, she knows how to be a good friend! I wouldn’t ask her to bring pie, but I’d love some of her southern fried chicken!

#4 – 35879889

I have read Christy over a dozen times throughout my lifetime and it remains one of my all favorite books. However, it isn’t Christy that I would invite rather it is Alice Henderson, the very wise Quaker woman who guided Christy after her arrival in Cutter’s Gap. That character has influenced and guided my life more than any other in literature. I even chose a home built by a Quaker gentleman to rehabilitate because of my love for Alice Henderson and the Quakers I’ve known throughout my lifetime.

#3 – 517vbd5D37L._SY346_

I realize that Armand Gamache is Canadian but since this is a Friendsgiving and not the traditional familial Thanksgiving, I think it will be okay. Inspector Gamache is the epitome of everything that being a gentleman represents. I love keeping up with him, his family and his work. I supposed he could bring his wife if he wanted but I’d rather he brought with him all of the marvelous characters from Three Pines.

#2 – 514OvCNr+WL._SX296_BO1,204,203,200_

I read this book for extra credit while still in high school and I have re-read it multiple times since. I cannot think of any character in American history that I cherish more than Sacajawea – well, perhaps George Rogers Clark, on whom I have a very strange crush. And yes, I know he’s dead. <sigh>  After reading this book, I became fascinated with Lewis and Clark’s journey to the west and have, actually, followed their trail from Missouri to the Oregon coast. I now live in Indiana where George Rogers Clark is buried, To say that I love book characters truly is an understatement.

#1 – 32506

There was a time when my kids actually thought that Harry Bosch was a real person because I talked about him so much! It occurred to me, with the publication of his latest book, that I have, quite literally, grown old along with Bosch. We started together nearly three decades ago and each year I look forward to catching up with him. While I’ve lost interest in so many other series or have parted ways with some of the characters, my love for Harry Bosch stays strong. 🙂

And that’s my list, although I easily could have hosted a banquet of 100 or more! I hope some of these characters inspire you to read more about them. Have you read these books yourself? What did you think about them? Who would among you Top 5? Link me up and let me know. If you are in the US, I wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. To everyone else – Happy Reading!