Snowy: A Leopard of the High Mountains

There are days when one review simply is not enough so for Thursdays I give you Two…


When my children were small, I purchased many, MANY, foreign inspired or authored books so that they would grow up knowing as much as possible about the world around them. My daughter’s favorite book still is a Russian fairy tale, Natasha and the Bear. Now that they are adults, all three are frequent world travelers and over the years we have hosted multiple exchange students. When I saw Snowy: A Leopard of the High Mountains, I knew this was a must own for our home library.


Milisava Petkovic is a writer from Serbia and Xuan Loc Xuan is a freelance illustrator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Together they have created a sweet, heartfelt tale of friendship, family, and the beauty of nature.

While playing in the mountains with her mother, hunters appear and threaten their tranquility. Snowy’s mother diverts the hunters and tells Snowy to run the other direction and meet her back at their home. Snowy runs so hard and for so long that soon she realizes she very lost. Trying to find her way home, she enlists the help of several forest inhabitants, each of whom teach Snowy their unique, basic skills for survival.

Snowy is a delightful book that introduces young readers to animals they may never have heard of before – or, at the very least – a different variation of those creatures. That is the beauty of this book, as well as learning about their co-dependency on one another for survival.

81QyGdytqOLIn addition, Xuan’s illustrations are both lovely and soothing and highlight the story line perfectly. At first glance, I thought the illustrations might be too muted for young readers to enjoy, so I shared the book with a young friend of mine and they were her favorite part of the story. They are created in an Asian style with perfect lines, wonderful colors but not the vibrant, perfectly edited photos of most North American children’s books. This style works well with the story and they are incredible illustrations to admire and enhance the story.

Snowy: A Leopard of the High Mountains is a perfect addition to our home library and I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates international work and, most especially, for parents of young readers.

I’m grateful for my advanced copy from #Netgalley and to Xuan Loc Xuan and Milisava Petkovic for sharing their work with me. Also, thanks to #FoxChapelPublishing for my copy of #SnowytheLeopard